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Hey all.

I was wondering if one you lovelies out there with Photoshop could help me out?

I'm trying to design a shirt for a friends fake hens night/farewell and don't have photoshop anymore :(

Nothing too exciting just a Sash on the front that says Bridesmaid and a band/tour kind of back.

It's essentially two pictures.

Let me know if you can help, you will have my eternal love and gratitude.


Oh, and how is everyone? :)
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I have such a crush on Seth Rogan at the moment, it's ridiculous. I think it may be because he reminds me of a boy I was once in love with. Something about the slightly chubby curly haired boys I seem to be attracted to.

Went out to dinner at a Teppanyakirestaurant last night for my friend Jimmy's wife's birthday. Ended up with raw egg allllll over me. But bloody hell it was fun!
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Kevin Smith loved Watchmen. This is promising. Bring on 2009.

My house is being invaded by three English teenagers today. MEEP. They are a swimming team and we are billeting a couple of them. They are staying for a week and my sister and I are sharing a bedroom. This should be interesting.

Also I just had a big geek out about Firefly/Serenity with a customer. It was fun. I love my customers sometimes. The one who buy Doctor Who books are the best.