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--- Space Queen ---

don't stop me now. i'm having such a good time.

20 December


australian. twenty something. works in the australian public service. big geek. laughs at stuff no one else finds funny. rambles on a lot. fiercely loyal. wants to travel and explore the world. likes a gin and tonic in a pub with mates usually followed by crappy drunken dancing. loves her friends, most of the time. likes to discover little gems, like tv shows and music, that no one else knows. becomes obsessed very easily. lives for live music and the whole concert experience. a little bit cheeky. isn't actually very interesting. just thinks she is.


band of brothers. batman. batman/catwoman. battlestar galactica. british comedy. buffy. david gray. david tennant. dc comics. doctor who. firefly. florence and the machine. foo fighters. friday night lights. fringe. gigs. how i met your mother. hot fuzz. indie music. live music. lord of the rings. muse. music. records. rock music. rock boys. science fiction. scrubs. shaun of the dead. simon pegg. song of ice and fire. spaced. star wars. stargate sg-1. stargate atlantis. supernatural. tea. the killers. torchwood.

deal with it.

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30 rock, a game of thrones, adama/roslin, alan moore, amy pond, arrested development, ashes to ashes, augie march, australia, australian music, band of brothers, batman, batman begins, batman/catwoman, battlestar galactica, bernard fanning, big day out, black adder, black books, british comedy, bsg, buffy, canberra, canberra raiders, caprica, captain jack harkness, cat stevens, catwoman, channel v, cheese and onion chips, chuck, cold chisel, coldplay, concerts, dark angel, dave grohl, david gray, david tennant, daydreaming, dc, dc comics, dead like me, deadwood, diet coke, doctor who, donna noble, dr who, eleven, eowyn/faramir, evil dead, firefly, florence and the machine, foo fighters, friday night lights, fringe, gigs, gimli, gin and tonics, green wing, himym, hot fuzz, hottest 100, howls moving castle, icecream, indie music, jeff buckley, josh homme, joss whedon, justice league, kaiser chiefs, lady gaga, led zeppelin, lex luthor, life in slow motion, life on mars, lindt chocolate, little britain, live music, lois lane, lord of the rings, muse, music, my friends, nightwing, nirvana, pancakes, powderfinger, pub crawls, queen, records, red dwarf, red wine, rock, rock boys, rose tyler, science fiction, scrubs, serenity, shameless, shaun of the dead, simon pegg, sin city, smallville, spaced, spirited away, star wars, stargate, sunglasses, superman, supernatural, tattoos, tea, ten, ten/rose, the clash, the flaming lips, the flash, the joker, the killers, the office, the rolling stones, the sarah connor chronicles, the simpsons, torchwood, triple j, v, v for vendetta, vinyl, vulture street, watchmen, wayne coyne, wonderwoman, x-men, yeah yeah yeahs